Embracing the Power of the Winter Solstice to Heal and Empower Self and Others


 ©Jane A. Simington, PhD. 2017

 The darkest day or the longest night of the year is near. This annual planetary event is known as the Winter Solstice, and occurs this year on December 21. At the Winter Solstice, the sun begins to return, shifting the balance of dark and light, bringing promises of increasing warmth and new beginnings.

  • This is a powerful time to reflect on our seen and unseen darkness, so we can release some of that pain.
  • As we come to the close of this...
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Autumn Teachings on Motherhood

autumn motherhood Sep 25, 2018

©Jane A. Simington PhD.
September, 2018

The warmth and beauty of the evening drew me to linger long amidst the splendor of the crimson, yellow and orange displays in my autumn garden. Recalling the gentle nurturing required by the fragile plants in early spring, and the support they needed as they struggled to grow and produce against the challenges of drought and a hot summer sun, I marveled at how their resilience had resulted in such an array of magnificence.

These moments of...
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Fire in Our Souls

©Jane A. Simington PhD.

In awe, I witnessed the breathtaking beauty of this early morning’s canopy of pink and gold erupt to reveal a sky inflamed with the colors of fire radiating from the rising sun. The magnificence unfolding in those silent moments of dawn were a clear reminder of how the sky reveals the glory of God.1 Summer is upon us and with it, comes the energy of the element fire. Ancient teachings such as those of the Medicine Wheels and of Goddess lore remind...
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Honouring Fathers and Establishment of Intergeneration Bonds of Love

©Jane A. Simington PhD.

In celebrating Father's Day, we honor fathers and acknowledge the roles and responsibilities of fathering; one of which is the establishment of bonds of intergenerational love. Celebrations of Father’s Day date back to the middle ages, where in Catholic Europe it was held on March 19, the feast day of St. Joseph, to encourage all fathers to model the foster father of Jesus. Spanish missionaries brought this teaching to Latin America, where March...
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Facets of Mothering and Motherhood


Mother’s Day is celebrated annually as a tribute to mothers, motherhood and the influences of Mothers in society. Although the origins of the holiday date back to ancient Greek and Roman times, the modern forms of this celebration take place in many countries during the months of either March or May. Here in North America, Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May.
Symbols of mothering and motherhood abound in many cultures and include...
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Filling Our Lives With Light

©Jane A. Simington PhD.

Stone structures erected by ancient cultures and traditions to mark the Solstices and Equinoxes, invite us to ponder their meanings, and apply to our own lives the Earth’s cycles of light and darkness, death and rebirth. The ancients believed that during these turning points, the Earth was more in line with the other dimensions and that the solar energy was thus more able to enter the Earth plane to activate the purposes of that cycle.

In the Northern...
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Planting Seeds of Hope and Promise

growth planting seeds Mar 05, 2018


Jane A. Simington PhD.
One of my fondest childhood memories of early spring is sitting beside my mother as she perused the catalogues choosing seeds that had in previous years proved to be productive; and always selecting a few new varieties from the gorgeous colored pictures which looked promising. Upon their arrival, Mother planted the seeds and tended to them daily with just the right amount of warm water and fertilizer, ensuring that they would develop strong...
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Communicating Love

communication love Feb 14, 2018

Jane A. Simington PhD

It is probable that since the beginning of human existence, humankind has searched to find the right ways to express love. While much is written about the best approaches for doing so, it is always worthwhile to examine how we convey these deep feelings, and to explore new strategies for expressing our love and caring.
The color of love is green and is usually associated with the energy chakra in the middle of the chest. As this chakra opens beyond the first layers of...
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A Year of Opportunity for Spiritual Mastery

11 Jan 03, 2018

©Jane A. Simington, PhD.

Welcome to 2018!

The super full moon on January 1, bathed us in a cosmic light foreshadowing the bright potential and expanded possibilities of the upcoming year. In Numerology, the energy expression of a year is determined by adding the numbers and reducing that number to a single digit. In doing so, we determine that 2018 has the energy expression of a 2. Before they are reduced however, the addition of the numbers in 2018 results in an 11; but because the...
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The Vileness of War Tempers the Glory of Triumph

memories trauma war Nov 09, 2017
Jane A. Simington, PhD. 2017

Cenotaphs and anniversaries stir our individual and collective memories of life-changing events. November 11, like other anniversaries that mark military victories, are bittersweet for they temper the glory of triumph with the sadness of the sacrifices made and the vileness of war.

In preparation for our involvement in the November 11 ceremonies, my husband Bill and I processed some memories of our relationships with his Veteran Father. Bill’s...
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