I Wish You Enough

I Wish You Enough

©Jane A. Simington PhD.

January, 2020


To satisfy my ever increasing interest in the relationships between Astrology and Numerology, I spent last evening deeply immersed in researching the numerical symbolism of the double twos and their sum of 4, in the 2020 year we are entering.

In Numerology, the Number Two represents the joining of two Ones; with the Number One depicting the self and singleness. The Number Two, which is a union of the Number Ones, symbolizes...

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Gratitude for Those Who Pack My Parachute


As I pondered the topic for this November newsletter, of course my initial thoughts were of November 11th, Remembrance Day, and the sacrifices made by our Veterans. The more I reflected, the more I recognized how much each of these possible topic options stirred a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Reminiscing on the life narratives of the war experiences described by relatives and clients has made me deeply aware of how grateful I am for the sacrifices made in the name of world...

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Grateful for Mother Sea and Water

grateful mother sea water Oct 09, 2019


©Jane A. Simington PhD.



During the month of October, many of us who live in countries of the Northern Hemisphere gather in celebrations of gratefulness. For most of my Thanksgiving weekends in the past, the decorations have focused on the autumn colours and my prayers of gratitude were for the grains, fruits and vegetables harvested from our fields and gardens. This year however, much of my Thanksgiving weekend is being spent at the Ocean. Recognizing that so much of...

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Autumn Lessons of Grief and Gratitude

gratitude grief Sep 09, 2019

Autumn Lessons of Grief and Gratitude

©Jane A. Simington, PhD.

September is for me, a bittersweet month. The autumn winds, blowing fragrances of ripe pumpkins and harvested grains, creating a whimsical dance among the fallen red and gold leaves delight and enchant. The abundance of the season humbles and fills me with awe and gratitude; yet amidst this splendor is an ever-growing awareness that the glory and light of summer is quickly passing and the gloom of winter is soon to arrive....

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Soulful Reminders of Summer Lessons

summer natural world Aug 08, 2019

Soulful Reminders of Summertime Lessons
©Jane A. Simington PhD.

The month of August is upon us and with it comes the draw for families to retreat from the business of city life into the calm and peace-filled realms of the natural world. What is it, about the lake shore, the forest that mesmerizes? What memories are awakened?

My daughter’s i-Phone messaged photos and Facebook posts of her children’s enjoyable times during their lakeside vacation, engaged in...

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Spring Seed to Summer Blooms: The Sacred Process

©Jane A. Simington, PhD

I see in nature structure that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility.

Albert Einstein


The fertility and newness of spring has shifted into the full blooms of summer, signaling a call to reconnect with the natural world. What within us is stirred as we gaze in awe at a majestic mountain or marvel at the roar of a great waterfall? Some believe our yearning to be in nature is the acceptance of an invitation from the places and spaces of the...

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Evaluation Trauma Education Designed Within a Spiritual Framework



Evaluating Trauma Education Designed Within a Spiritual Framework.

First Published May 7, 2019 Research Article
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
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A Mother's Search for the Divine Feminine

The month of May is upon us, and during this season many will celebrate Mothers, Motherhood and all that is feminine. Perhaps it is because of my affinity to these concepts that I was recently impacted by the words of a biblical scholar:   “A more exact translation for the word ‘God’ as used in the context spoken by Jesus when He spoke of the Father, would be, ‘O breather of life,” a phrase more associated with the feminine than with the masculine...

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Spring: A Time to Show Our Butterfly Nature

The warming weather brings promises of freshness to all aspects of life. It invites us out of doors to be a part of all that is being renewed in nature - the trees that are budding, the migrating birds that are returning - and to feel the affectionate caresses of the Spring winds that refresh our spirit and reawaken our hopes in the promises of life, and in the very existence of our planet.

The energy format of this planet is about balanced polarity. In Spring this energy helps to thaw out...

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Loving Touch May be Life Saving

healing loving touch Jan 30, 2019
©Jane A. Simington PhD. 

For some decades now, February has been appointed as the month we are called to acknowledge in special ways those we love. As I reflect on love, its many meanings and the experiences of love in my life, my thoughts drift off to February days, seven years previous. During these moments of reverie, I ponder deeply if it was love’s touch that called me back to life from an unconscious state. 

While I have little or no recall of the events...
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