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I facilitate workshops, and offers keynote and conference presentations on the three major topics that coincide with my areas of expertise. In each presentation I combine my personal and professional experiences, along with up-to-date, and relevant information, on the best practices for achieving personal growth and transformation.


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 Personal Transformation 

Beyond Grief and Loss

Beyond Trauma and Abuse


 Selected Conferences and Workshops Titles 


The following, depict samples of conference and workshop topics I have presented locally, nationally and internationally. I and my staff will work with your conference and workshop planners to adjust the titles and presentation content to best meet the needs of your participants. 

  1. Healing Trauma at the Historical, Community, Family, and Individual Levels
  2. Suicide Prevention and Intervention: A Holistic Approach.
  3. A Holistic Approach to Grief Counseling
  4. Establishing a Team Protocol for Children in Crisis: Preventing Suicide
  5. Teachers Helping Traumatized Students. “Knowing our Spirits Conference.” 
  6. A Mother’s Voice: Indestructible Family Relationships to Survive a Child’s Death.
  7. Grief in the Workplace: Respond to Mourning and Help with Transforming
  8.  Embracing Life: Sustaining Passion in the Work You Do. Breakout session: Securing Hope: Helping a Grieving Child.
  9. Securing Hope: Helping a Grieving Child
  10. Healing the Effects of Trauma and Intergenerational Trauma. 
  11. The Good We Do: Empowering Self and Others in the Workplace
  12. Living with Passion and On Purpose: A workshop for Professionals. 
  13. Strategies to Help, Heal and Empower Following Trauma. 
  14. Art Heals the Soul Pain of Trauma
  15. Grief and Trauma Community Healing. Slave Lake Counselors.
  16. Short-term Grief Counseling. 
  17. Palliative Caregiving: Journey to Hope and Healing
  18. Trauma in Youth: Effects of Students and Teachers
  19. Soulful Empowerment. 
  20. The Relationship between Opiate use and Trauma History.
  21. Soulful Caregiving.  
  22. Finding Joy in Every Moment. Passion Forward. 
  23. Empowerment Through the AIDS/HIV Journey.  
  24. Impact of Childhood Trauma
  25. Living to Potential.
  26. A Traumatic Event: The Victim Experience
  27. Working with Trauma. The Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects
  28. Reducing the Impact of Vicarious Trauma
  29. The Interface between Brain Functioning, Trauma and Art as Therapy. Art as Witness. 
  30. Spirit at Work: Fulfilling Our Purpose
  31. Healing Soul Pain. Touched by Murder.  
  32. Through the Rainbow: Beyond Death and Sorrow
  33. Being Fully Present to Transcendence, Touched by Spirit. 
  34. Touched by Spirit: Making Those Moments Endure. Touched by Spirit.
  35. The Good We Do: During Life Review. Palliative Care in End-stage Non-Cancer Disease.
  36. The Hospice Journey: On Both Sides of the Bedrail. Living with Dying: A Journey of Grief. 
  37. Caregiving: Empowering Self and Others
  38. Youth and Addictions: Applying Holistic Methods of Healing
  39. Reviewing Life: A Process of Spiritual Transcendence
  40. Addressing Spiritual Concerns During Difficult Life Circumstances
  41. Healing Through Creative Arts
  42.  Exploring Dream and Art Messages
  43. Spiritual and Emotional Aspects of Chronic Conditions: Harnessing the Energy
  44. Journey to Hope and Healing
  45. Walking Beside Another in Sorrow
  46. Wellness in the Workplace. Body, Mind and Spirit.
  47. Nurturing Spirit in the Workplace. 
  48. Listening to Soul Pain
  49. Empowering Self: Empowering Others. 
  50. Managing the Turbulence of Change. 
  51. From Embers to Flame, Women Wellness Weekend.  
  52. On Death and Dying: Working with Families
  53. Boundaries and Boundary Issues
  54. Living to Potential. 
  55. Responding to Soul Pain.  
  56. The Best We Can Be
  57. Preventing Sexual Misconduct in the Ministerial Relationship. 
  58. Finding Your Path in a Time of Instability
  59. Living Life to the Fullest. Living life to the fullest.
  60. At the Close of Life: Providing Healing to Body, Mind and Spirit. Healing and Hope Through the Journey. 
  61. Awakening to Ancient Wisdom. 
  62. Journey to Hope and Healing: Beyond Trauma and Abuse: Healing Our Spirits Worldwide. 
  63. Suicide Prevention and Intervention: A Holistic Approach
  64. A Mother’s Voice: Indestructible Family Relationships to Survive a Child’s Death. 
  65. Embracing Life: Sustaining Passion in the Work You Do. Securing Hope: Helping a Grieving Child. 
  66. Relationship between Opiate use and Trauma History
  67. Empowerment Through the AIDS/HIV Journey. 
  68. Healing the Effects of Trauma and Intergenerational TraumaThe Good We Do: Empowering Self and Others in the Workplace
  69. Reclaiming Personal Power: A Healing Journey. Grief Support Training. 
  70. Enhancing a Child’s Self Worth Following A Grief Experience
  71. Supporting a Grieving Community
  72. Preventing Vicarious Trauma: Building Boundaries of Strength
  73. Sustaining Quality in the Work We Do.
  74. When Drugs and Suicide Seem the Solution: Providing Interventions to Make a Difference.
  75. Offering Help and Support for a Traumatized Child.

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