Taking Flight International
Taking Flight International



I facilitate workshops, and offers keynote and conference presentations on the three major topics that coincide with my areas of expertise. In each presentation I combine my personal and professional experiences, along with up-to-date and relevant information, on the best practicesĀ  to provide help and healing for grief and trauma and for the achievement of personal growth and transformation.


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Ā Ā Personal DevelopmentĀ Ā 

Beyond Grief and Loss

Beyond TraumaĀ 

Select Radio Interviews

Eugena W. Maguire


June 29, 2019


Transformation, Grief and Trauma Healing

 With Dr. Jane Simington

Listen here

Moving from Addiction and Trauma:

Surviving to Purposeful Peaceful Thriving


Quantum Recovery Summit Interviewed by Gail Foss 

April 16, 2019