It is the Night of Our Soul’s Rebirth

light winter solstice Dec 18, 2018
©Jane A. Simington, PhD. 2018
After weeks of ever increasing hours of darkness, the Winter Solstice marks the turning point when the sun begins to journey back into the North. The return of the Light is celebrated in many homes in similar fashion as were those enacted by our ancestors. In my home, as in the homes of many families that originated from Northern Europe, the creation and lighting of the Yule Log announces the beginning of the 12 days of the Yule Season; which...
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Embracing the Power of the Winter Solstice to Heal and Empower Self and Others


 ©Jane A. Simington, PhD. 2017

 The darkest day or the longest night of the year is near. This annual planetary event is known as the Winter Solstice, and occurs this year on December 21. At the Winter Solstice, the sun begins to return, shifting the balance of dark and light, bringing promises of increasing warmth and new beginnings.

  • This is a powerful time to reflect on our seen and unseen darkness, so we can release some of that pain.
  • As we come to the close of this...
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Honoring Darkness Prepares Us to Welcome the Returning Light

©Jane A. Simington, PHD. 2015
As the winter solstice approaches we are once again reminded of how the seasonal changes in nature mirror the cyclic rhythms within our own lives. When we pause to examine our interconnections in the web of all existence we acknowledge that times of darkness fall upon every life. As the light fades and cold settles in we recognize that each of us experiences times of darkness and isolation.


As the world around us lies mostly dormant, if we allow...
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Two Step

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