Evaluation Trauma Education Designed Within a Spiritual Framework



Evaluating Trauma Education Designed Within a Spiritual Framework.

First Published May 7, 2019 Research Article
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
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Loving Touch May be Life Saving

healing loving touch Jan 30, 2019
©Jane A. Simington PhD. 

For some decades now, February has been appointed as the month we are called to acknowledge in special ways those we love. As I reflect on love, its many meanings and the experiences of love in my life, my thoughts drift off to February days, seven years previous. During these moments of reverie, I ponder deeply if it was love’s touch that called me back to life from an unconscious state. 

While I have little or no recall of the events...
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I Held You for Three Days

healing Feb 01, 2017

©Jane A. Simington PhD.

“It is not a matter of brain damage; it is a matter of life or death.” I was unconscious. My husband, Bill signed the consent form. The backward fall that fractured my skull had thrust my brain forward, crashing it against the frontal portion of my cranium, causing swelling and bleeding which required life-saving neurosurgery. While I have few memories of those days, I have long since ceased to be troubled by my lack of recall. The five-year...

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A Time to Begin Anew: Applying Lessons of the East

healing May 05, 2015

Jane A. Simington, PHD.
© May, 2015
Help me celebrate as much as you help me mourn.

Many training and practice models designed to guide therapists use as a framework the three phases for healing trauma described by Judith Herman.1 The three phases are: Safety First; Remember and Mourn; and Reconnecting with Life. Clients often report however, that while their trauma experiences tore them apart, and their healing processes reshaped them in ways they themselves often...
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Two Step

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