Loving Touch May be Life Saving

healing loving touch Jan 30, 2019
©Jane A. Simington PhD. 

For some decades now, February has been appointed as the month we are called to acknowledge in special ways those we love. As I reflect on love, its many meanings and the experiences of love in my life, my thoughts drift off to February days, seven years previous. During these moments of reverie, I ponder deeply if it was love’s touch that called me back to life from an unconscious state. 

While I have little or no recall of the events surrounding the accident nor the hospital experiences, my husband, Bill, has told me that during the early post-neurosurgery days, while still in an unconscious state, I was extremely agitated and made frequent attempts to dislodge my life-supporting chest tubes.

Convincing the nurses that tying my hands would only increase my agitation, Bill promised to help calm me and keep me from touching the tubes. His response to my questioning of how he managed to control my anxiety, is I believe the most loving phrase I have ever or will perhaps, ever hear, “I held you for three days.”

While it took months to regain balance and heal the numerous post-trauma symptoms, today I am grateful for a body and brain that function well. I am thankful for my sight and hearing, especially since because of the location of the injuries, the retaining of these senses is an incredible gift. Most especially, I am grateful for love and for a husband who for three days and nights calmed my restlessness with care and loving touch.
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