Love is Eternal

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020


Love is Eternal
©Jane A. Simington PhD.
Leo Buscaglia, author of Born to Love, was once asked to judge a contest; the purpose of which was to find the most loving child. The winner was a four year old boy, whose neighbor was a grieving elderly gentleman. Upon seeing the man weeping, the child climbed over the adjoining fence and perched himself upon the older man’s lap. When his mother asked what he had said to the grieving man, the little boy answered, “Nothing, I just helped him cry.”

Love would be less intimidating if it came with a guarantee that love in and of itself would protect us from the pain of loss that follows death and broken relationships; yet even the sanctions of the church and the law provide none, leaving us forced to trust in the power of love itself, and in our ability to renew the passion in an existing relationship, or to re-invest in new ones.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, and in an attempt to explore definitions of love, I surveyed the love cards and found that, as taught by the little boy in Buscaglia’s story, there are various ways of expressing love.

As a bereaved mother, I know that while my son Billy can never be replaced and that the dreams his father and I had for him will never be achieved, I have come to understand the power of, and the many forms that re-invested love can take.

Observing my husband Bill’s involvement with, and commitment to, our three grandsons, both he and I acknowledge how his relationship with the “boys,” who are now approaching manhood, has not only strengthened intergenerational bonds of love, it has in so many ways helped both Bill and me fulfill some of the unfulfilled dreams we had for Billy and for our relationships with him. The “restoring” of love has been of great assistance in helping both of us recognize that love is eternal regardless of the circumstances and the varying forms it takes.
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