Spring Seed to Summer Blooms: The Sacred Process

©Jane A. Simington, PhD

I see in nature structure that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility.

Albert Einstein


The fertility and newness of spring has shifted into the full blooms of summer, signaling a call to reconnect with the natural world. What within us is stirred as we gaze in awe at a majestic mountain or marvel at the roar of a great waterfall? Some believe our yearning to be in nature is the acceptance of an invitation from the places and spaces of the in-between, an invitation to be at oneness with the sacredness of those spaces, places such as where the shore meets the ocean, where the grasslands meet the water’s edge, where the mountains meet the sky, and where the prairie meets the forest. The in-between places occur at dawn and at dusk and at the change of nature’s seasons. Since ancient times, people have believed that energy surrounds the in-between places and spaces that can stimulate spiritual growth.


During my bleak days and nights of grief, a teacher whispered: “Spend time alone at dawn, walking in the meadow and by the water’s edge. It will renew your spirit and kindle your desire to heal your wounded soul.” Acknowledging her wisdom, I trod many paths in my efforts to establish a relationship with the places where my life and the spirit worlds melded, and to discover the parallel sacredness of which so many have written.


As a therapeutic helper now working with those who have experienced grief and trauma, I recognize that for some, their difficult experiences have left them feeling disconnected from everyone and everything, even from sources of spiritual guidance. To help re-establish their spiritual connections, I encourage that either at dawn or at dusk, and regardless of the season, they find a way to be on an outdoor path.


Connecting with the sacredness in nature helps us to more readily connect with the sacredness of the seasons within our own lives: spring, summer, autumn, winter, birth, growth, decline, and death. Now that the seeds sown in spring have become the blooms of summer, once again, nature encourages us to value the sacredness of this parallel process

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