I Wish You Enough

I Wish You Enough

©Jane A. Simington PhD.

January, 2020


To satisfy my ever increasing interest in the relationships between Astrology and Numerology, I spent last evening deeply immersed in researching the numerical symbolism of the double twos and their sum of 4, in the 2020 year we are entering.

In Numerology, the Number Two represents the joining of two Ones; with the Number One depicting the self and singleness. The Number Two, which is a union of the Number Ones, symbolizes relationships. The Number 4 represents the four walls of a safe and secure home, including the need for loyalty and honesty in the relationships of those who dwell there. The Number Four also represents the four aspects of human nature – sensations, feelings, thoughts and intuition. Astrologers note that the planetary alignments of the year 2020 will activate introspection on how we communicate our thoughts and feelings, our loyalty and honesty, and because of that, 2020 is predicted to be a year of enormous change on all relationship levels.

This morning, as I pondered the Numerological and Astrological significance of the year ahead and reflected on the planetary prompting that will encourage each of us to communicate more honestly, I recalled a touching narrative I had read some time ago. The author1 wrote of overhearing a father and daughter in their last moments together in an airport. As he witnessed their departing hug, he heard the father whisper, “I love you. I wish you enough.” Knowing his exchange with his daughter had been witnessed, with tear-filled eyes the father asked the author, “Have you ever said goodbye to someone knowing it would be forever?” “She lives far away.  I am old and face a life challenge. I know her next trip back will be for my funeral.” When asked about his gentle phrase, “I wish you enough,” the father smiled and replied that those words were a wish handed down through the generations.” “When we say I wish you enough, we want the other person to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them.”

As we enter into a new decade, I would like to use the example of the loyalty and honesty communicated by the dying father to his daughter; and to wish each of you in both my personal and professional relationships:

Enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

Enough rain to appreciate the sun.

Enough happiness to keep your Spirit alive.

Enough pain that the joys in life appear bigger.

Enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

Enough loss to appreciate all you possess.

Enough ‘Hellos’ to get you through the final ‘Goodbyes.’


  1. Author, date, and source unknown.
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