Grateful for Mother Sea and Water

grateful mother sea water Oct 09, 2019


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During the month of October, many of us who live in countries of the Northern Hemisphere gather in celebrations of gratefulness. For most of my Thanksgiving weekends in the past, the decorations have focused on the autumn colours and my prayers of gratitude were for the grains, fruits and vegetables harvested from our fields and gardens. This year however, much of my Thanksgiving weekend is being spent at the Ocean. Recognizing that so much of me is made of saline water, similar to Hers, each morning as I run along the shore, I reflect on how grateful I am for the rhythmic sounds of Mother Sea and for how synchronized in her peaceful vibrations she makes me feel.

My gratitude for the sea extends to gratefulness for water. I spend most of my life in a country where today, clean water is in abundance. Opening a tap is all that is required of me to receive any amount of water I choose. Yet for my own Mother this was not the case. For much of her life, the need to secure water for cooking, cleaning and for laundry uses took up a good part of each of her days. During travels to countries less developed than my own, I see similar struggles to obtain adequate clean water for the daily necessities of life.

As I gather with family and friends to share the Thanksgiving meal, I know that this year at least, I will add to my prayers of gratefulness, words of gratitude for Mother Sea, and for the clean and abundant water which is so easy for me to receive on a daily basis.

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