Autumn Teachings on Motherhood

autumn motherhood Sep 25, 2018

©Jane A. Simington PhD.
September, 2018

The warmth and beauty of the evening drew me to linger long amidst the splendor of the crimson, yellow and orange displays in my autumn garden. Recalling the gentle nurturing required by the fragile plants in early spring, and the support they needed as they struggled to grow and produce against the challenges of drought and a hot summer sun, I marveled at how their resilience had resulted in such an array of magnificence.

These moments of reverie caused me to reflect on how rapidly spring becomes autumn and how this brisk turning of the seasonal wheel and this exhibit of autumn’s glory is such a powerful metaphoric reflection on the bittersweet seasons of Motherhood.

The tender shoots of my daughter’s babyhood and youth required gentleness and careful handling so they would develop strong roots to sustain them through the tough choices of adolescence and young adulthood.

Their durable roots now support the sturdy stocks that display blossoms of radiant and productive beauty.

Pondering these seasonal reminders and the lessons autumn teaches us, brings tears of both admiration and melancholy as the lyrics of “Sun Rise Sun Set” from Fiddler on the Roof reverberate; not exactly as they were written, but as I have on so many occasions, sang them.
Where are the little girls I carried?
Where is my little boy at play?
I don’t remember growing older
When oh when did they?
Sun rise, sun set, sun rise, sun set,
One season following another,
Where or where did those days go?
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