Spring: A Time to Show Our Butterfly Nature

The warming weather brings promises of freshness to all aspects of life. It invites us out of doors to be a part of all that is being renewed in nature - the trees that are budding, the migrating birds that are returning - and to feel the affectionate caresses of the Spring winds that refresh our spirit and reawaken our hopes in the promises of life, and in the very existence of our planet.

The energy format of this planet is about balanced polarity. In Spring this energy helps to thaw out any situations that seem cold or dreary and when that is completed, it provides a frequency that supports fertile growth, along with a promise of abundance.

The law of polarity is like breathing. Both the inhale and exhale are equally important. Abundance arrives when we balance the amount we gratefully receive, with the amount we joyfully give. Nature shows us these balances:  the tides come in and go out; the sun rises and sets; night becomes day; winter becomes Spring.

Experiencing the rhythms of nature helps heighten our connection to our own rhythms and prods us to pay attention to the sounds of our heart and breath, and to recognize how our internal drumming connects us to the heart beat of the Mother of all Creation and to the sounds of the planet Earth. Spending time in nature, especially in springtime when all of life is being called to reawaken, can help us recognize if our internal rhythm is in sync with the external rhythms surrounding us. Are we listening to and respond to our inner drum, or are we following and marching to the tune of others? The Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi Native American Kachina (spirit). She is a springtime Goddess who teaches us how to escape any cocoon situation that keeps us trapped in fear of showing the world our beautiful butterfly nature.

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