A Mother's Search for the Divine Feminine

The month of May is upon us, and during this season many will celebrate Mothers, Motherhood and all that is feminine. Perhaps it is because of my affinity to these concepts that I was recently impacted by the words of a biblical scholar:   “A more exact translation for the word ‘God’ as used in the context spoken by Jesus when He spoke of the Father, would be, ‘O breather of life,” a phrase more associated with the feminine than with the masculine aspects of God.

 It is Spring.  New life is birthing in response to the warm winds that envelope the land. The energy of birthing and new life renews within me the awareness that my child had been in the springtime of his existence. During my years of sorrow, I grieved the knowing that I would never see his gifts and abilities in their summertime full blown potential. I longed for the many seasons of mothering and of grandmothering I was denied.

A mother is supposed to nurture, comfort and keep her child safe. For many years I struggled to know if my son was safe and being cared for on the other side of life. Was someone reading him stories at night and listening to his corny jokes? Did someone on the other side know how much he liked to hunt, to fish and catch minnows; and that he did not care too much for school for it took precious time away from his ability to discover the wonders to be found in the natural world?

My longing to know if my son was receiving heavenly mothering drew me to a relationship with the Divine Mother, and a subsequent exploration of the Divine Feminine. Over the years, this search has led to a deep honoring of the spirituality of Motherhood and an acknowledgement of the life-giving and nurturing potential of Mothers; and to a desire to celebrate with sacred ritual the Divine Feminine within all women and within the Earth herself.


It is my hope that in sharing these reflections, I have prompted a similar stirring within you and a recognition of the depth of honoring that is appropriate for each woman during this season of birthing and rebirthing.


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