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 Jane A. Simington, BSN, BA (Psych), MN, PhD

Professor, Award Winning Author, Acclaimed Keynote, and Grief and Trauma Specialist, will customize a presentation to meet the unique interests of your audience.



Contact our office as you begin planning your event


1. Dr. Jane Simington will work directly with your planning committee to discuss the goals and objectives you have for the event. She will design the content and present the first drafts to you for feedback, to ensure the goals you have for the participants and for the event, are met.

  • You will be impressed with how Dr. Simington shares her knowledge of program planning and development, to help you create a truly memorable event.

2. The professional staff in Dr. Jane Simington’s office can assist with poster creation and with marketing your event.

Conditions Required for An Excellent Presentation


 Listed are general conditions that apply to speaking arrangements. Conditions specific to the presentation style and content you select, will be submitted as the final contract is being arranged. 

  • Minimum and maximum numbers of participants depends on the presentation style, and the topic requested. 
  • The Hiring Agency covers the costs for the Facilitator’s and the Co-facilitator’s (if needed, depending on the content being presented) meals, accommodations, and travel.
  • Meeting room to be arranged and paid for by the hiring agency.
  • Hiring Agency is responsible for providing Audiovisual needs.
  • Please have enough table space and chairs for each participant to complete art and other experiential activities.
  • Please have 3 tables for art supplies.
  • Please have a large whiteboard (4’x5’), whiteboard markers and white board cleaner in the teaching room.
  • Please have a small table for the ceremonial supplies.
  • Please have a small table by the whiteboard for teaching supplies.
  • Please have a table placed by an electrical outlet for the sale of resources.
  • The Facilitator will require access to the room for set up, for one hour prior to the presentation. The preferred time is the evening before.



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